nemet szakDuring their undergraduate studies, students become acquainted with the fundamental fields of Germanistics, such as linguistics, German literature, the literature of the German minority in Romania, while being guided, at the same time, in matters pertaining to the European Union. Besides the teaching of the courses related to their specialty, what we have in view is enhancing the practical knowledge of the language. Within the frame of Germanistics, students also have the possibility to learn another language of international circulation (English, French)

After covering the bases of the field, which lasts for two semesters, we offer the students the possibility to choose more specializations in accordance with the present day requirements. Starting with the third semester, the students can opt for a package either in the field of literature, culture and communication sciences, or in applied linguistics (the theory and practice of translation, specialized languages, etc) with an aim at assimilating the necessary knowledge for their future profession, i.e. translator or interpreter. At this level they have the opportunity to assimilate the skills of scientific, independent and creative work. An example would be encouraging the students’ scientific circles.

After graduation, the students get their bachelor’s degree which qualifies them as specialists in/teachers of German language and literature. The graduates have at their disposal a wide range of professions that require training in the field: teacher, translator, interpreter, journalist, editor, EU cultural expert, etc.

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